We're making game design and development accessible to the Columbia community.

Join us for game creation and discussion.

And fun. That too.


General Body Meetings (Fall '16)

Every Friday, 4pm, Broadway Hall Main Lounge

Come and meet current members, board members, and other new game designers! Every week is a different and interesting topic in the world of game design.



Fri Oct 14 - Sat Oct 15, Broadway Hall Main Lounge

Join Columbia Game Design and Development in our Fall Game Jam, a fast-paced, 36-hour marathon for meeting up with fellow gamers, artists, and developers to make a game!

Click here to go to the jam page and for more information!

Make sure to RSVP on Facebook!




As a club and as a team, we’re dedicated to these three pillars of game design. They all go hand-in-hand – there is no better way to learn to create a great game than by playing and analyzing yours and others’ games.

We integrate these three principles by hosting game jams, watching game design tutorials, analyzing our favorite games, going to relevant gaming outings around the city, and of course, learning and improving our skills in industry game creation software. We try to make these events friendly to both beginners and seasoned designers, and cater to a wide variety of design interests, such as musicians, artists, programmers, and the like.

Through trial and error, long nights at game jams, and even just paying a little extra attention to the games you already play and love, we want to help you learn more about game design and development. We encourage actively and freely expressing creativity through game design while making game design accessible to CU's student body.

We sincerely hope you’ll join us in our adventures into every stage of game development.

sheryl crespo

Training: CC 2017
Part-time I’m the president, but full-time I’m a warlock, with specialties in codemancy and bone weaving.

steven shao

Training: SEAS 2018
I’m a part-time vice president but a full-time NPC, with a specialty in mechromancy.

jules kim

Training: SEAS 2017
I’m a part-time secretary but a full-time traveling bard. I specialize in making the virtual world a better place.

greyson potter

Training: CC 2017
Part-time, I’m the treasurer, but full-time I’m a wizard with a speciality in numerical conjuring.

kris harris

Training: SEAS 2017
Part-time, I’m the events and outreach chair, but full-time I’m the Destroyer of Worlds, Seeker of Glory. I specialize in preemptive surgery.

nicole seleme

Training: SEAS 2016
I’m a part-time events and outreach chair but a full-time warlock specializing in codemancy.

jiayin tang

Training: SEAS 2018
Part-time, I’m the webmaster, but full-time I'm an engineer with speciality in puppets.